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Frivolous lawsuit

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Top 10 lawsuits
A surfer sued another surfer
Turned gay after rear-end collision
Guide-dog school
An idiot sued Michael Jordan
Inmate sues himself
Drunken driver lawsuit
Suing Wendy's for finding finger in chili
Exepensive sperm
Coca-Cola vending machine
More stupid lawsuits..

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Funny and stupid lawsuits

Collection of funny, frivolous and some really stupid lawsuits.

Heard about the surfer who sued another surfer for stealing his wave? It's one of my favourite funny lawsuits.

And the wizard lawsuit is another funny one: The man who sued two famous magicians because their tricks are defying the laws of physics and thus using godly powers. And since he himself claims to be god they are therefore using his powers without his permission.

And how about the woman who sued the local network for making wrong weather-predictions, causing her to catch a cold? She supposedly won the trial. There's also a case about the woman who sued a cinema 'cause she suffered from emotional distress after watching a horror movie.


To check out this and many other stupid frivolous lawsuits, press the link for stupid lawsuit archive.

If you are in need of a lawyer you can check out the Lawyer directory.

We have also added a lawyer joke section, heres a treat:
Q: How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?
A: His lips are moving.

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funny frivolous lawsuits

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