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Frivolous lawsuit

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Top 10 lawsuits
A surfer sued another surfer
Turned gay after rear-end collision
Guide-dog school
An idiot sued Michael Jordan
Inmate sues himself
Drunken driver lawsuit
Suing Wendy's for finding finger in chili
Exepensive sperm
Coca-Cola vending machine
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Fri rettshjelp
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Biggest lawsuit ever

In June 1997, the US tobacco industry agreed a settlement with the US government of US$368 billion. Payments will be spread over 25 years and the money will fund the treatment of smoking-related illnesses and settle lawsuits against the industry. The deal also limited tobacco advertising. In 1998, 46 US states signed a further deal with four major tobacco companies, agreeing that the companies would pay US$206 billion to cover the cost of treating smoking-related illnesses.



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