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Turned gay after rear-end collision
Guide-dog school
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Exepensive sperm
Coca-Cola vending machine
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Mr. Jack Ass vs. Jackass (R) TM

Man who previously changed his name to 'Jack Ass' sues media giant Viacom, saying the MTV show "Jackass" plagiarized his name.  This is real folks.  A man in Montana who changed his name back in 1997 to "Jack Ass" (previously Bob Craft), says he did it to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.  The show "Jackass," which premiered on MTV back in 2000, featured a group of guys performing crazy and dangerous stunts, that was also made into a movie in 2002. Jack Ass himself is claiming the company plagiarized his name, infringed on his trademark and copyright to his name and defamed his good character. He's only asking for 10 Million. Source: CNN

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