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A surfer sued another surfer
Turned gay after rear-end collision
Guide-dog school
An idiot sued Michael Jordan
Inmate sues himself
Drunken driver lawsuit
Suing Wendy's for finding finger in chili
Exepensive sperm
Coca-Cola vending machine
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Honda lawsuit

This one is sad because it involves the drowning of a Honda. This drunk girl drove into Galveston Bay in Texas. Her friend got out alive but the drunk driver was too drunk to unfasten her seatbelt. So she died. So naturally, her parents sued Honda for manufacturing a seat belt that cannot be easily unbuckled by a drunk driver who is under water. Why didn't Honda test for this scenario! And car manufacturers should also make brakes that brake even when celebrities don't press the brake. That way the singer Brandy wouldn't have slammed into those people.




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