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Xbox 360 lawsuit

In December 2004, infant Wade Kliner was killed when his parent's home was destroyed by fire. In December 2006, the child's family filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and Wal-Mart, claiming that the fire was caused by...what overheated Xbox power supply unit, which they had purchased at Wal-Mart. They are seeking $50,000 in damages. This week, Wal-Mart asked for the case to be shifted from the state court to a U.S. District Court in Illinois, which is how it's come across the news desk here at Kotaku Tower.

You'll probably remember that in February 2005, Microsoft issued a recall on 14 million original Xbox power supply units because they were concerned there was a risk of them catching fire. The fire that destroyed the Kliner's home, and killed little Wade, took place in December 2004. Could they have a case, then?

They might have. If they hadn't claimed the fire was caused by an Xbox 360. Which, you know, hadn't been released yet.



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